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Three Reasons You Need to Leave Failing Technology in the Dust

We get it—computer upgrades are expensive, especially for SMBs with tight budgets. However, refusing to purchase new desktops, laptops and monitors because you don’t want to spend money on a tech refresh is actually costing you in more ways than you’ve considered. Read these three reasons to start planning your transition today.

Productivity Lag

Computers with faster processors:

  1. Provide better battery life

  2. Have shorter startup times

  3. Connect to networks faster

  4. Handle multi-tasking between multiple applications

Your team will get more done in a day with more responsive systems that can run the latest applications.

Cyber Vulnerability

When you drag your old computers along year after year, you leave your business vulnerable to:

  1. Hackers

  2. Malware, ransomware and spam

  3. Major data breaches that potentially result in lawsuits

  4. Brand and reputation damage

All of the above will cost you more money—and possibly your business—so just invest in new PCs and save yourself a lot of trouble.

Mobilize Your Team

Swapping old desktops for new laptops give your team the freedom to:

  1. Work from home instead of just calling out sick

  2. Work remotely while traveling for business

  3. Collaborate around the office instead of being tethered to their desks

Freeing your staff from their cubicles empowers them to work better together in and out of the office.

Regardless of your reasons for holding onto old computers, you’ve just got to bite the bullet and make some major PC upgrades. Fortunately, you can do so without shelling out as much cash as you think. Teaming up with a managed service provider for help researching and purchasing the best technology can save you time and help offset the cost of retail prices.


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