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Healthcare IT Support

Reliable Technology Solutions for Your Sick Days

When it comes to caring for the health and wellbeing of your patients, you shouldn’t have to stress about your IT infrastructure. Better patient care starts with secure, timely and accurate communication and collaboration. You need a partner that understands the industry to ensure you’re getting the best medical IT support possible.

Pavelcomm understands that having reliable IT is crucial to the healthcare process. Our healthcare IT solutions provide everything you need to keep your vitals in check. Partner with us to solve your storage and server utilization challenges and growing data privacy pressures from HIPAA. We’ll analyze your infrastructure to determine vulnerabilities and fix them so you can stay HIPAA compliant. Get medical IT support in Portland that integrates and streamlines the systems that power your daily operations.

Learn how Pavelcomm is the medical IT solution your doctor ordered.

Healthcare & Medical
IT Support from Pavelcomm

Whether it’s preventing outages, quickly resolving issues or continuously maintaining compliance, our team of IT experts have you covered.

Stay HIPAA Compliant

We’ll assess your environment to determine vulnerabilities and fix them so you can stay HIPAA compliant. As requirements change, we’ll re-evaluate your infrastructure to ensure you’re never fined.

Improve Provider Relations

Working with third party vendors is complicated and can be frustrating. Our vendor management solutions ensure you’re getting the best contracts and seamless communication channels.

Reduce Costs

Look to us for proactive support that keeps your bottom line healthy. Pavelcomm provides disaster backup and recovery to improve security and implements cloud support to give you access from anywhere—all at a low price.

Keep EHRs Secure

Keep your patient’s information secure with our virtualization support. Our experts have experience working with multiple electronic health records software including Epic, Allscripts, Avatar and more.


We Want to Help

Download our free white paper and learn more about how our Business IT services can help you grow.

What People Are Saying About Us

"I know 100% I can count on the Pavelcomm staff to not only help me resolve any issues I may have, but also be super nice and easy to communicate and work with! Thank you for all that you do!"

Monique S., SEI

Give your practice a dose of efficiency with Pavelcomm’s medical IT support solutions.

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