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Streamline Your Team’s Collaboration: 5 Ways Unified Communications Helps

Unified communications (UC) integrates instant messaging, presence information, voice, mobility, audio, web and more services to make the communication process between internal teams and customers easier. So, why haven’t you made the switch yet?

We get it, it’s a big decision, but did you know there are five benefits that make UC a must-have telecom solution? Let’s explore them:

Improve Productivity

UC enhances the way you communicate to boost production and performance. With real-time messaging, you get your questions answered quickly, reduce the amount of time waiting for peer-feedback and improve workplace efficiencies.

Connect Team Members

Whether your peers are located in a different office, state or country, UC solutions make your team feel like they’re communicating in the same room. With video conferencing, you gain the face-to-face interactions missing from traditional phone systems.

Reduce Costs

By uniting your communication platforms, you’ll spend less on subscriptions and equipment fees. Between hardware, software, maintenance, environment and management, you’ll reduce operating costs while improving workflow.

Streamline Processes

By integrating your applications, you eliminate most of the risks associated with connecting different solutions. Never again will you be told that your email provider doesn’t sync with your phone solution; instead you’ll experience a seamless software experience.

Provide a Better Customer Experience

With a traditional phone system, you often send customers on a scavenger hunt to find the right department. But, with UC your customers reach the right person the first time around, and with call recording, you’ll know exactly why they’re calling before you say “hello.”

Are you ready to improve the lives of your peers and customers? Deploying a unified communication solution is easier with a partner. Contact us today to learn more about our UC services and how we can help you optimize your telecommunications.


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