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6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Cloud Communications

In today’s competitive environment, companies are constantly trying to find ways to connect employees, customers and business partners more efficiently without dramatically increasing costs or making it too complicated to accomplish.  Reluctance to migrate to new technology, however, leaves many organizations in a situation where they make do with their existing technology.  Thinking they are saving money by holding off migrating to newer, more modern solutions, they may be doing just the opposite; considering productivity and other gains from improved collaboration and communications with cloud services.

Flexibility, Scalability, Agility

These characteristics are at the core of what cloud communications means to users (and IT staff!).  Consider a communications technology that passes the burden of maintenance and updates to the vendor so you can spend more time focusing on running your business. With Mitel cloud services, for example, they manage the day-to-day maintenance, security and system upgrades for you (as do private cloud services where the solution provider handles the management of your system).

Scalable. Many small and medium-sized businesses are on a path to growth.  A communications solution that enables rapid, repeatable deployments in a matter of minutes reduces overhead and leaves more time for IT to focus on other priorities of the business.

Flexible. The ability to easily add extensions and adjust for seasonal changes means there’s no need to invest in additional hardware or have unused equipment laying around; the savings begins with a more cost-effective way to manage your phone system without the capital expenditures associated with on-premise phone systems.

Agile.  That’s what your organization becomes when you implement cloud communications. Employees become more responsive to customer needs, projects are completed more easily and on time (and at a reduced cost) when teams can spend more time accomplishing goals and less time coordinating efforts or figuring out logistics of the technology.

Collaboration, Innovation, Customer Satisfaction

The technology is designed to be simple for every user. It allows any employee (even senior management) to easily host a conference call without having to solicit the technical expertise of IT.  And features like desktop sharing, chat, video and team workspaces keeps productivity at peak levels regardless of employee, partner or customer location.

The innovation of cloud communications means more to us than features and functions because it can also ensure business continuity.  The ability to work seamlessly when disaster strikes translates into reduced interruption and greater security when your information and data is stored in a data center in another location.

In terms of accessibility, employees have access to the same features and functions no matter whether they’re in the office, working from a remote location or on the road.  And fewer missed calls mean greater customer satisfaction.

We often recommend Mitel MiCloud Connect because of the simplicity of the system.  Customers like it because it’s easy to use and extremely reliable.  With nearly 4 million Mitel cloud users already, MiCloud Connect is changing the way business leaders view their service teams, their customers and partners.

Is cloud the best solution for your business?

Just because cloud is seemingly flexible and shifts the burden to the provider for many aspects of the technology, it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a slam dunk for your organization.  At Pavelcomm we understand how businesses like yours operate and what they need to be successful in communications. We can talk you through the pros and cons of both cloud and premise communications and help you choose the right direction for your business.  Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.


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