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3 Big Benefits of Cloud Computing

The next step in the evolution of IT is here thanks to cloud computing. With measureable benefits including lower costs, greater flexibility and better use of resources, cloud adoption continues to grow and isn’t slowing down. Approximately 93 percent of businesses are using some form of cloud computing, according to RightScale. We’ve narrowed down a few big benefits of cloud computing to show you a more detailed look at how cloud can help your organization.

Greater Flexibility: Organizations are always on the lookout for ways to save money. They need to be able to scale operations quickly to meet greater demand and scale down if needs change. A cloud architecture gives you that flexibility, because your applications no longer need specific servers to run.

Fewer Servers: Moving applications, infrastructure or platforms to a cloud model creates big savings in your data center by allowing you to stand down or redeploy servers that were previously hosting applications now moved to a shared model.

Increase Efficiency: With fewer servers to maintain, your IT staff will have more time to focus on other strategic IT initiatives instead of worrying about routine maintenance.

While moving to the cloud can deliver huge operational and financial benefits, it can be challenging to under-take the migration on your own. Making a safe and smooth transition requires careful planning. That’s where we come in—contact us for strategic advice on where to start with cloud and how to get going.

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