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Functions of an IT Consulting Company in SMBs

You already have enough on your mind when it comes to your business. You have various meetings, tasks, assignments, calls… the list never ends. The last thing you need is to add more worries to that list. So, what happens when your technology is having problems and your business productivity is suffering because of it? Do you add on another level of tasks to worry about and raise your stress level? No. If you turn to an IT consulting company like Pavelcomm to manage your IT, your problems will drastically decrease. An MSP like us understands that technology is vital to your company’s productivity and success, so we’ll make sure you never have to worry about it. Here are a few ways an IT consulting company will benefit and function in an SMB:

Proactive Monitoring

One of the key qualities of the services that IT consulting companies provides is their proactive monitoring. Our services have ditched the reactive approach because it’s costly and ineffective. Instead, our services are proactive, which means that we’ll constantly be monitoring your network 24/7/365 for any potential dangers. This is much more effective because most of the time, we will fix the problem before it even has a change to affect you. This way, the chances of you having any downtime due to technological issues are very slim. This is extremely beneficial because nothing halts a business’ productivity more than downtime. And, these fixes happen remotely, so this will save you the cost of having to roll out a specialist to your location. IT consulting companies know how to take care of their SMBs.

Cost Savings

As mentioned in the previous section, remote monitoring will save you any additional costs you may have from last-minute, unexpected issues. We’ll always have you covered. The way IT consulting companies charge their services will also give your wallet a break. At Pavelcomm, we will put together a custom bundle for you with services ranging from virtualization, VoIP, unified communications – you name it. We have a wide variety of services to offer, and we’ll work with you to create exactly the bundle you need. And the best part? These services are charged at a flat, monthly rate. This makes budgeting a whole lot easier for you.

Reliability and Support Whenever You Need It

What if something goes wrong or you have a question that you need answered right away, but it’s after business hours? No worries! Part of your bundle are 24/7 help desk services. Whether it’s an emergency, request, or just a simple question, we’re available for you.

Turning to an IT consulting company will let you focus on what you need to – your business. We’ll be your local, friendly IT partners that always have your back. Contact us to get started!