10 Reasons to Make Pavelcomm Your IT Consulting Company

There are many reasons why Pavelcomm should be your IT consulting company. Firstly, we’re more than just an IT consulting company. We’re a passionate group of people wanting to make a difference in this world. For example, we are heavily committed to supporting nonprofits and giving back to the community. It’s our passion, second only to IT. 🙂

Here are 10 more reasons why you should make Pavelcomm your IT consulting company:

1. We’re affordable

This is arguably the most important factor when choosing an MSP, and we totally understand its importance. That’s why our services won’t suck your wallet dry. The custom services bundle that we will create for you will be charged at a flat, monthly rate which will make budgeting a whole lot simpler.

2. We have all the services you could need

As our website explains, we offer services such as virtualization, help desk services, cloud services, disaster recovery, communications, security, system monitoring and alerts, network infrastructure and upgrades, call and contact center, IP communications, unified communications, mobility, call recording, conference and collaboration, virtualized voice solutions, and hosted VoIP. Oh, and we also have various cabling options. Could you need anything else?

3. And they’re reliable

Our customers love us and our services! Why? Well, we take delivering high-quality solutions very seriously. Read what they have to say here.

4. We’re custom

We understand that your company is special and has unique qualities. That’s why we won’t just hand you cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all solutions. One of our first steps when we meet you is getting to know your infrastructure and how it works. After we do that, we’ll create a custom bundle of services for you specific to your company and business-goals. We see those special details!

5. We’ll align goals

Building on #4’s point, we also understand business. We’ll make sure that the solutions we provide you with not only improve your overall operations, but will also work towards your specific business-endeavors.

6. We make the transition easy

A fear some companies have when making the switch over to managed IT services is that the transition will be time-consuming and laborious and just an overall hassle. We’re here to tell you that that won’t be the case with Pavelcomm as your IT consulting company. Because we’ve already analyzed your current system and know how it operates, when we create your new custom IT blueprint, we make sure that it will fit your current workflow like a glove as to not interrupt you at all.

7. We’re understanding

We totally understand that sometimes, your company may decide to make a change and your altered business workflow may require different services than we originally agreed on. No worries! We totally understand that and we’ll work with you to make those changes as quickly and efficiently as possible.

8. We’ll scale with you

Building on #7, we’ll also scale with you as your business grows and becomes more and more successful.

9. Communication is important to us

With the 24/7 help and service desk that will become available to you, we will always be in contact whenever you need us. Whether it’s a question, request, or observation, feel free to get in touch! We love talking to our clients. We will also always check up on you and continuously monitor your system to make sure everything is working properly. We won’t just install our solutions and leave you dry.

10. We’ll become more than just providers; we’ll become your partners

We’re your local, friendly IT, and we’ll act as such. We don’t want to be just IT service providers – we want to be your partners. When you succeed, we succeed, and we take this commitment seriously.

Any more questions why Pavelcomm should be your IT consulting company? Feel free to contact us! We’d love to chat.